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The Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM), have appointed E-Xplorer SA as the official series promoter and commercial rights-holder of the FIM E-Xplorer World Cup. 


The parties were represented respectively by E-Xplorer CEO Valentin Guyonnet, CCO Carina Munte and FIM President Jorge Viegas at a signing at the FIM headquaters in Mies, Switzerland. 

The appointment of E-Xplorer SA as a new FIM promoter ushers in an exciting era for motorsport, with the FIM E-Xplorer World Cup acting as the global laboratory for two-wheeled electric technology and mobility. Attracting some of the best-known motorbike manufacturers, the global series will help to test, develop and prove the two-wheeled electric technology of tomorrow on notable urban and rural stages around the World. 

With a sustainability commitment dating back almost three decades, the FIM was the first international sports federation to establish an Environmental Code, first published since 1994. 

With both organisations proudly promoting equality in sport, the partnership between the FIM and E-Xplorer hopes to encourage diversity and equality in motorsport. Founded and powered by a team of females and males, E-Xplorer SA will ensure both genders are represented in all business, operational and sporting aspects of the series. With a total of 10 teams, each will compete with one female and one male rider – at five events around the world in the inaugural season.  

"The FIM E-Xplorer World Cup is a radical new form of motorsport aimed at forward thinking generations who believe in the power of sport to drive positive change" 

The appointment sees E-Xplorer SA join a select group of 12 existing FIM promoters and become the first promoter of the FIM E-Bike Commission (CEB), opening up a new and unique category of electric motorcycle racing in both urban and rural environments.  

"Joining forces with the FIM and becoming the global promoter for the FIM E-Xplorer World Cup is a great moment for us, for the FIM and for motorsport in general," said E-Xplorer S.A CEO Valentin Guyonnet

"With shared values on advancing the future of two-wheeled technology and seeing greater equality in sport, the FIM E-Xplorer World Cup is the destination for the greatest motorbike manufacturers and top rider talent to compete. In doing so, the series will act as a catalyst for developing the latest technology, which will be tested to extremes by some of the greatest athletes when the competition kicks off in 2022. 

"Seeing the pace at which the series is growing is unbelievable. We're delighted by the welcome we've received from the FIM and the interest we've had from leading motorbike manufacturers, who all see the series as a way of remaining at the forefront of electric motorcycle technology. The FIM has been with us from the very beginning and I'm thrilled to continue to have them support the E-Xplorer World Cup as a global authority in the sport."  


Adding to this, E-Xplorer S.A CCO Carina Munte said: “Together, with the FIM, the team of men and women behind E-Xplorer SA power all aspects of this series to create an environment where both females and males can thrive and compete at the same level. While gender equality is still a statement in the current sporting World, we hope that other series can follow us and help it become the norm.  

"Beyond that, the series hopes to encourage exploration and environmental stewardship. E-Xplorer was created to harness and promote the power of the environments we race in – not exploit them. Alongside the FIM’s long-standing commitment, the series seeks to improve the relationship between motorcycling and the environment by pitching the latest zero-emissions, electric motorcycle technology against each other in a competitive setting. With the racing taking place against some of the world’s most spectacular urban and rural backdrops, the FIM E-Explorer World Cup is a radical new form of motorsport aimed at forward thinking generations who believe in the power of sport to drive positive change.” 


Commenting on the signing from and representing the FIM was President Jorge Viegas, who said: “This announcement marks an important moment for the FIM, with this being the first promoter for the FIM E-Bike Commission (CEB). The E-Xplorer team will bring great experience to this series, but equally they are a modern and dynamic organisation that reflects the nature of this new championship.


"This is the first full electric discipline for both teams and manufacturers, which will take place in a mixture of off-road and city locations. Moreover, the series will promote gender equality with each team having one male and one female rider. Ultimately we believe that the FIM E-Xplorer World Cup will act as testing ground for the development for ‘all terrain’ electric motorcycles.” 

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