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#NewTeam // EM Factory Team // France

As a real pioneer in the 2 wheel electric, it's been more than 10 years that EM (ELECTRIC MOTION) is designing, developing, engineering, promoting, distributing electric motorcycles all around the world.

Started from the bottom, it's been a long journey and struggle to be where we are today. The road is still long to accomplish all goals that we have fixed, but we are proud of what we have done and thankful to all the people that have supported us and believed in our "crazy" project.

From winning titles in multiple categories in trial championship, from racing against the best riders and best gas bikes in the world, we are very excited now to be part of this new championship, the FIM E-XPLORER World Championship. A new format focused on electric dirt bikes, with a mixed team composed of 1 man and 1 woman that will ride in the most beautiful places in the world, inside cities and in nature. "From project to reality: definitely the dawn of something big for off-road motorcycle sport. Let the race begin, and please, explore the silence!" (Philippe ARESTEN - EM CEO)

"I am delighted to announce that Electric Motion, known for their competitiveness and innovation, will be joining the E-Xplorer World Championship as a factory team. As we continue to champion sustainable racing and push the limits of electric mobility, we believe that diversity and inclusivity play a crucial role in achieving our goals. We are excited to see Electric Motion's talented riders showcase their skills and technology on the international stage of the FIM E-Xplorer World Cup." (Valentin Guyonnet – E-Xplorer CEO)

"I am really happy to be part of this new project with the EM team! The whole EM team is doing their best to allow my teammate Marine Lemoine and myself to ride in the best conditions, and we are going to do everything to show the potential of our EM bike! Congratulations to the promoter E-XPLORER for setting-up this championship, finally offering a mixed competition on the same track. (Chris BRUAND - EM Rider)

"I am so excited to compete in this new championship under the EM colors! The team is really involved and very professional. Can't wait to start the electric season!" (Marine LEMOINE - EM Rider)

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