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Final FIM E-Xplorer World Cup Double Header to take place at Extreme E event in Sardinia

Collaboration with Extreme E to provide stunning setting on the Sardinian coast for championship decider rounds

E-Xplorer FIM World Cup, the all-new electric off road motorcycle championship, will conclude its inaugural season with a thrilling ‘double header’ on the island of Sardinia on 16/17 September 2023. The final two rounds, which will crown the first ever FIM E-Xplorer World Champions, will take place alongside rounds seven and eight of the thrilling all-electric international off road Extreme E Championship on the Italian island, creating a true festival of electric, all-inclusive, and sustainability-driven motorsport.

“We are delighted to be able to make this announcement,” said Co-Founder and CEO E-Xplorer, Valentin Guyonnet. “We share the same values as Extreme E, and Alejandro Agag is a strong supporter of the series. Both these championships race off road with electric vehicles and field a female and a male in each team. Racing at the same event is a great opportunity and I am very grateful for everyone at Extreme E and around the Sardinia event for helping to make this possible.”

The track will be a 0.6km challenge in the Italian Army Training area at Capo Teulada in Sulcis-Iglsiente in the South of the island. The terrain will be sandy and very dry with rocks and bushes. It will involve jumps and obstacles and of course the surface will be sand which will add a new dimension after the dry dirt of Catalunya, the gravel mountain tracks of Crans Montana and most recently the mud and wooded area of Vollore-Montagne. Sardinia will create a whole new set of challenges for the nine teams and 18 riders who will line up in just over two weeks.

The event, in tandem with the Extreme E format, will also host two events for the first time, allowing plenty of opportunity for teams to chase the championship dream in the final event of the season. The new championship is currently led by Japan’s Midori Moriwaki’s MIE team with 66 points with USA’s Robbie Maddison’s Maddwill and the winners of the previous round in Vollore-Montagne, Gravity, both tied in the runners up spot (46 points). With double points available for the final weekend of the series due to the Sardinian ‘double header’, there are opportunities for every one of the nine teams and eighteen men and women to jump up the leaderboard from wherever they currently reside.

"We are delighted to welcome E-Xplorer back to Sardinia," said Extreme E Chief Championship Officer, James Taylor. "Valentin came to the event in July with the MIE riders and bike to give the team a demonstration, and insight into the thrilling competition. I have been following the season so far and believe these two rounds will complement the Extreme E races perfectly. We are promoting the same messages through our sports and it will be great to have the first ever E-Xplorer Champion crowned in Sardinia with Extreme E."

Alejandro Agag, Extreme E Founder and CEO is also delighted to see the two championships working together in Sardinia: "I am delighted to welcome this dynamic young series to join Extreme E in Sardinia in just over two weeks time. I have worked with Carina and Valentin to help bring this electric motorcycle series to life and have watched it flourish this year. It makes a lot of sense for us to work together as we share all the same values. It is going to be a fantastic weekend of electric motorsport."

Further information about the 2024 E-Xplorer series is due to be announced in the coming weeks with exciting news on the international calendar and team and manufacturer participation. More will be revealed following Sardinia 2023.

Valentin Guyonnet, Carina Munte or Deborah Tee

For all the latest E-Xplorer news visit the championship’s official website

Note to Editors:

The E-Xplorer FIM World Cup is a cutting-edge, international electric all-terrain motorcycle racing series, founded by a team of visionaries, including Valentin Guyonnet, Carina Munte, Alejandro Agag, and Eric Peronnard. This event is the epitome of excitement, technological advancement, environmental sustainability, and adventure, catering to a diverse audience.

The competition comprises private and factory teams, with each team consisting of two riders of both genders. These teams will compete in a range of thrilling races, held at various locations, including city streets and natural terrains.

Get ready to witness the pinnacle of racing excellence at the E-Xplorer FIM World Cup.

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