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New Team // MIE Racing // Japan

MIE Racing Team to compete in the inaugural E-Xplorer FIM World Cup with Midori Moriwaki at the helm.

Headed up by the renowned Midori Moriwaki, MIE Racing Team has announced that it will take part in the inaugural E-Xplorer FIM World Cup, which is set to begin on May 13th in Catalunya, Spain, with riders Sandra Gomez and Jorge Zaragoza.

Racing with the Japanese flag, MIE Racing Team carries on the legacy of generations of motorcycle racers. Midori's roots in the motorsport racing world run deep; at the age of four, she already knew that this was where she belonged, and she has never wavered from that path.

Granddaughter of the legendary Hideo “Pops” Yoshimura and daughter of racer Mamoru Moriwaki, she quickly absorbed the values that still drive her in her successful career in both the international motorsport business community and the world of motorcycle engineering and sports. Passion, hard work, team spirit and, above all, resilience.

The FIM E-Xplorer World Cup brings a new adventure for MIE Racing Team, as it prepares to push boundaries with fearless competition, fuel-less engine technology, innovation, and the promotion of gender parity in sport. The team's journey will begin on May 13th in Catalunya, Spain.

Midori Moriwaki:

“I am very happy to announce this new project. Off-road is of course a field I know and love, as co-founder and current Supervisor of the Bells Racing team competing in the All Japan Motocross Championship, but this is a first in the history of motorsport. In the road racing arena, the MotoE World Championship was launched a few years ago of course, but in terms of off-road racing this is something brand new. The FIM E-Xplorer World Cup paves the way for the latest off-road racing technologies. I’ve always considered motorsport to be the best arena in which to test and develop new technologies for human life, and this is the main reason I’ve decided to enter this championship.”

Valentin Guyonnet:

With great enthusiasm, I welcome Midori Moriwaki and MIE Racing Team to the FIM E-Xplorer World Cup. Midori is undeniably one of the most iconic leaders in motorcycle racing, and an exceptional role model for aspiring racers worldwide. Her inspiring success story will undoubtedly ignite a fire in a whole new generation of women considering a career in motorsports. With Midori at the helm, MIE Racing Team is poised to leave an indelible mark on the world of motorcycle racing. They will not only showcase their unparalleled performance on the track but also drive diversity and inclusion in the sport. As the CEO of E-Xplorer, I'm thrilled to have them on board, and I can't wait to witness their remarkable journey unfold.

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