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What is E-Xplorer?

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2024 Wild Card Applications



Introducing the E-Xplorer FIM World Cup: the cutting-edge, international electric all-terrain motorcycle racing series, founded by Valentin Guyonnet, Carina Munte, Alejandro Agag, and Eric Peronnard. This event is the epitome of excitement, technological advancement, environmental sustainability, and adventure, catering to a diverse audience.

As an official World Cup/World Championship sanctioned by the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme, the competition comprises private and factory teams, with each team consisting of two riders of both genders. These teams will compete in a range of thrilling races, held at various locations, including city streets and natural terrains.

At its core, the E-Xplorer FIM World Cup aims to tap into the escalating demand for electric motorsports while also serving as a testing ground for the latest two-wheel technology. This event is particularly appealing to the next generation of environmentally conscious supporters who seek entertainment and excitement while remaining mindful of the planet. Get ready to witness the pinnacle of racing excellence at the E-Xplorer FIM World Cup.


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